Staging Your Home

In any type of market there are several reasons staging is important in selling your home. It will help bring the most money, make your home the most impressive home on the block and/or neighborhood and the most important reason is to sell quickly.

  • Exterior – When the customer/client drives up to your home, it has to have great curb appeal so add some shrubs, flowers, plants, paint the porch and any items that needs to be touched up. Fix any cracks, pull weeds, change out the door knobs if they are rusted and maybe give the front door a fresh coat of paint.
  • Lighting – This is one of the most important items you can do to add the most value for the least amount of money. Make sure you change out all low or dark lamps and lighting. Add volume to your rooms by brightening the room which is especially important for showings during daylight savings time. Change out any outdated lights.
  • De-Clutter – Make sure you look at what you have in the home and pack up or store about ¼ to ½ of your furniture, books, personal items, pictures and decorations. Take most items off of the counters and furniture.
  • Fix any items that are visible or could be a red flag to the buyer, rotten wood, touch up paint on main walls, etc. Two things that make the home look clean and crisp is a fresh coat of paint throughout the house and new carpet or clean the carpet if in good shape (neutral color).
  • Flow – Rearrange furniture if need be to make the home flow. Make sure people can access the hallways and get around the rooms with ease. If this is still difficult, you may have to store some of the furniture in order to achieve a nice, flowing space through the home.
  • Add a bowl of fruit, plant or an arrangement of flowers to a room to add some color.
  • When having a showing, turn on all the lights, turn on a radio with some classical music.
  • Extra Rooms – If you have one of these, give it a purpose. Make it into a room that people can identify. Take out the excess stuff and add a chair to make it a study.
Highlight your home’s strengths and downplay your home’s weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible group of buyer’s.