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Selling Your Home – Helpful Articles

  • When Selling A Home
    When selling your home there are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through the front door. In many cases you may have to bring your home to the buyer. Effective marketing will help ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer. The appearance of your home, a buyer’s first impressions, and other considerations can…


  • 9 Deadly Mistakes Home Sellers Make
    9 Deadly Mistakes Home Sellers Make   Mistake #1. Using a real estate agent instead of a Realtor   When you’re looking for help buying or selling property, it’s important to remember that…


  • Seven Selling Mistakes You Dont Want To Make
    SEVEN SELLING MISTAKES YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE! Mistake #1. Pricing Your Property Too High Every seller wants to get the most money for his or her house. Ironically, the best way to do this is NOT to…


  • How To Get Top Dollar In Any Market
    How To Get Top Dollar In Any Market The best chance for selling your property is within the first seven weeks it is on the marker. Studies show that the longer a property stays on the market, the…


  • How Mortgage Loans Work When Selling Your Home
    It is important to understand how mortgage loans work when you are selling your home. Many people are surprised to learn that the amount you pay towards interest and principal varies dramatically over time. This is because mortgage loans work in such a way that the early payments are primarily in interest, and…


  • Understanding Adjustable Rate Mortgages When Selling Your Home
    Understanding adjustable-rate mortgages is important and can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) differ from fixed-rate mortgages in that the interest rate and monthly payment can change over the life of the loan. ARMs generally have lower…


  • Moving – Things You Should Know
    Go online and search the internet to the area’s local realtor in advance of your move. You will find alot of information which can be helpful in giving you some idea of the type of housing available in the new city, as well as other useful information. You can now actually view the inside of many homes using a feature called “virtual tours’.


  • Reasons To Own Your Own Home
    There are many reasons you should own your own home and you’ve probably seen lots of financial arguments about why you should own your own home rather than rent. Many of these reasons include budgeting (no rent increases) and the tax savings you’ll most likely have. Now I’m going to give you some reasons to own your own home that you probably haven’t heard.


  • Getting A Clean View Of Your Finanical Situation
    It’s important and critical that you have a clear view of your financial situation before starting your search for a new home. You’ll have a much better idea of what you can afford by getting a handle on your income, expenses and debts and how much you’ll need to borrow.


  • Refinancing – Selling Your Home
    If you’ve built enough equity, you can refinance in order to take cash out of the property or refinancing your home can be an excellent way to bring down your monthly mortgage payment, raise cash, or consolidate debts with high interest rates. However, do so with caution. You need to…


  • Interest Rates – What You Should Know
    If you’re new to investing or real estate and don’t know the first thing about interest rates, here’s a good tip: the higher the interest rate, the more expensive it’s going to be. High interest rates mean you will have to pay back more on the money you borrow. Another good rule of thumb is…


  • Successful Real Estate Investing
    When you are involved in real estate investing everybody has certain goals and aspirations. However, we have found that there are certain guidelines every aspiring real estate investor needs to know.


  • Points – What It Means
    A point is equal to 1 percent of the loan amount. Points are usually paid out-of-pocket by the buyer at closing. Homebuyers often have the option of choosing a loan with a lower interest rate by paying points. For example, with a $100,000 loan, one point equals $1,000.


  • Selling Your Home And Leaveraging Your Money
    Simply put, leverage allows you to use a small down payment and financing to purchase a larger investment. One of the greatest financial aspects of buying a home is the ability to leverage your money. For example, if you bought a $125,000 home with 10 percent down, you leveraged the $12,500 down payment to purchase an asset worth 10 times that amount


  • Selling Your Home – Can You Afford It?
    Understanding how much you can afford is one of the most important rules of not only home buying, but in selling your home also. Depending on your individual situation, your budget can affect everything from the neighborhoods where you look, to the size of the house, and even what type of financing you choose