5 Steps To Consider Before Buying

5 Steps To Consider Before Buying

Below, we present you with 5 essential steps to consider before buying a new home. The endeavor of buying a new home can be a challenging one and should be carefully planned instead of jumping in head first! The Jim Mills Team has organized the following 5 simple steps so you may avoid what we call the Domino Effect; that one misstep in the process which creates unforeseen obstacles further down the path of home ownership.

We present you with this information because we, as a team, possess decades of experience in guiding people just like you through each and every stage of owning a new home. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone (toll-free: 1-888-584-8456) or email a member of the Jim Mills Team.

Determining the Fair Market Value and the amount of equity present in your current home is a crucial part of this process.

Having sold homes in the Charleston area for the last few years, I am very knowledgeable about marketing your home and getting the top $ with the least amount of problems in the quickest amount of time!

 Choosing A Realtor

This could be the most important step up the path to the home you deserve. If you choose the wrong realtor, you may very well end up with the wrong home. Choosing the wrong realtor can cause a “domino effect”, jeopardizing the entire home buying process. Whether you choose the Jim Mills Team or not, there are certain qualities that you should not just hope for, but demand.

A.Will provide a list of reputable companies to help make the home buying experience Truly Pleasurable.
B. Will listen to your wants and needs, and help locate the home that is right for you and your family.
C. Will help to meet your needs, not push you into more than you need, want, or can afford.
D. Will take all the time you need to answer your questions, and guide you to the home that is right for you.
E. Will be honest and forthcoming with full disclosure on all.
F. Will gladly walk you through the entire home buying process from contract to closing. The right realtor will be able to guide you through all the steps of the home buying process.
G. The correct realtor will guide you up the right path for you.

 Choosing A Mortgage Company

Your choice of your mortgage company must be a well thought out decision, as this could make a huge difference in your financial situation. Understanding the different types of loans available and being able to make a wise decision as to which is best for you and your family is extremely important.

Even though we have knowledge and understanding of most available loans we feel that a true professional in the mortgage arena would be best qualified to guide you to the right home loan for you.

We will supply you with a list of lenders that we have dealt with in the past and have found to be very reputable as well as competitive.

 Choosing A Home Inspector

Choosing the right home inspector should be considered as important as the foundation of your potential new home. Therefore, we will guide you to the most trusted and steadfast inspectors. We want you to be assured that the new home for your family is in acceptable condition and that there are no electrical, mechanical or plumping defects and the home is structurally sound. A good inspector’s aim is to discover problems with the home that may not be readily apparent. The idea is to point out the problems without exaggerating the defects. Whether you choose our team or not, be very choosy when it comes to your home inspector. You and your loved ones satisfaction, security and safety depends on it.

 Choosing Home Owners Insurance

This is a simple sounding yet very complicated decision. A good homeowner’s insurance agent is a great resource for info on home safety issues and can tell you how to keep insurance premiums low. Finding a good homeowners insurance agent early in the process can help to save you money. There is no one insurance agency that is best fitted for everyone. The Jim Mills Team can provide you with resources directing you to the type of homeowner’s insurance agent you need.

 Choosing An Attorney

Selecting a good attorney is a very necessary step along the path to your new home. A good attorney will help you complete the paperwork, do in depth title searches, deed preparation and make sure that the covenants of the contract are respected by all parties involved.

An excellent attorney will have the staff and resources to complete your home buying process. The attorney will also answer any and all questions that you may have during the process. This is a critical decision that must be thought out as a wrong choice of an attorney could delay your closing and complicate what should be a joyful experience.